Why should All Companies hire disabled candidates?

Disabled, but I am NOT your Point Scoring Tool.

As a disabled “recruitment company owner” , I often find that companies think they have policies in place for having disabled candidates on board but almost all of them fall short.Often an HR Manager will proudly tell you how they have implemented a disabled program in their organisation and have 2 disabled candidates working for them.

You ask them what their head count is. “1500” they boldly exclaim … I pause, often rolling my eyes. 1500 staff members and you only have 2 disabled staff members ? GET OUT …

Then I will ask: “if there is a fire in your building and an evacuation needs to take place,you cannot use the lift… how will the disabled candidates evacuate if say… one of them is in a wheelchair ? Blank Stare….Policies in place for disabled my foot!

Companies all say they are doing a lot for the disabled community by doing a lot (they mean SETA funded Internships and learnerships). After those internships less than 5% of those disabled interns are absorbed into the workforce.The rest are then selected for more learner-ships and more internships for points scoring exercises because finding a disabled candidate is not easy, you know why? because we are tired of internships. Oh and when I say “absorbed” I mean as receptionists, cleaners and filing clerks. Perhaps SETA is to blame for this flawed model and why corporate only sees us as that.

I often get companies requesting me to recruit disabled candidates for them, I would then request that I do a disability audit before recruiting candidates. The truth of the matter is most companies and their staff are not ready to have a disabled candidate.You often find that none of that companies’ staff members or line managers have been trained on having a disabled staff member on board. This needs to change and it needs to start with disabled candidates being seen as more than just interns and learners, but as strategic key players in businesses.

As a disabled man, I know I am so much than just tools to increase your companies score. We deserve to be active members of the skills force.

If you are looking to employ Junior- Senior skilled disabled staff members that can provide impactful contributions to your workforce, I am your guy.

If you are looking to fill SETA quotas, walk away….walk away….

I have a lot more to say, but I will leave it here for now.

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